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The Neglected Middle

A local believer and member of our staff had been caring for her nephew of about 18 years of age.  His father had asked that the boy live with her, and she provided food and shelter for him.  The young man got increasingly involved with witchcraft, and resented the consistent faith in Jesus that he saw in his aunt.  One day, he “went into the river”—to call on evil spirits to harm her.  (Local witchdoctors will go under water and stay for long periods of time where they describe contacting local spirits.  They will promise to do something for the spirit if the spirit causes harm to someone they despise.) 

However, he was unable to cause any harm to his aunt.  He sought out other ways to harm her, such as poisoning, but she discovered his intentions.  She took him to the police station, and he confessed to going into the river and trying to harm her.  The boy’s father was then called and he took him back to the village. 

Stories such as this are not uncommon in South Sudan.  For those of us from the West, they seem like fiction.  But, we have heard these stories over and over from credible people and with key common elements.  When we consider the reality of the spiritual world of which the Bible speaks, and present day reports like these, we are forced to re-examine our Western worldview and its neglect of the everyday interaction of the physical and spiritual world.  This is the neglected middle—between the world we see and the God to which we pray there are angels and demons interacting with our lives. 

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Exciting Bridge Jeff and Elizabeth had to cross
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Exciting Bridge Jeff and Elizabeth had to cross
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