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2016: Tumultuous Times in Yei, South Sudan

It's been a long time since we have posted anything, because I have struggled with what to write.  

We left South Sudan on 19 April 2016, on a scheduled home leave, knowing that things were getting more tense in our country of residence for the past 5 years.  We had been hearing escalating outbursts of gunfire and heavy artillery, closer to our compound.  Rebels from local tribes, frustrated with the government, started clashing in the surrounding bush.

In May, a local missionary doctor, a friend and partner of our ministry, was shot one night after bringing laboring mothers to our hospital.  She was stabilized at His House of Hope, and transferred to Nairobi, Kenya, where she died several days later.  Her body was brought back to Yei and buried there.  The church she was serving with demonstrated forgiveness by having a peaceful burial and not seeking retribution on her behalf.  As can be imagined, her death caused us all deep sadness-- not so much for her, as she is with our Lord Jesus now, but for the depth of the brokenness of the situation that someone would kill a missionary doctor, a nun, a woman who had so faithfully served the people of South Sudan up until her death at age 60.

In July, just before the 5th birthday of the world's youngest nation, fighting exploded in the capital city of Juba (100 miles from our home in Yei).  Over the next few months, the fighting calmed in Juba, but increased around Yei.  All roads leading to Yei became unsafe for travel.  

Our staff gradually left to make sure their families were safe, many of them relocating to northern Ugandan refugee camps.  The patient numbers also decreased, until hospital services had to be reduced to caring for the local orphans and staff with the few remaining South Sudanese staff.

Our family remains in Colorado, United States, until May.  We will reassess the situation in Yei and decide if we return and resume full services at His House of Hope, or get involved with healthcare of the South Sudanese living in refugee settlements in northern Uganda.

Hope is a difficult things in this newest of nations.  As hearts surrender to Jesus, and let Him work His peace in them,  the cycle of violence can be ended.  Pray with us that the "God who causes wars to cease" will work powerfully in the people of South Sudan.

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Our Mission:

Share the gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthen His Church through medical care and education, discipleship, and loving the people of South Sudan as a family.



Exciting Bridge Jeff and Elizabeth had to cross
Filtering water one bottle at a time
Moyo District - our new home
Our property with Mango and Avacado trees and a soccer area for kids to play once we mow.
Hazel in our new kitchen.  Here you have to provide everything:  cabinets, counters, applicances
Exciting Bridge Jeff and Elizabeth had to cross
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