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On to West Nile!: Olivia's Blog #2

We left Kampala and drove to Arua where we stayed for one day. The drive from Kampala to Arua is always kind of fun because we cross the Nile twice and can spot lots of animals. I spotted two giraffes, tons of gazelles, about seven elephants, many monkeys and baboons, and one hippo. When we drove by towns we could see people selling a lot fruit, mainly mangos, which are growing from trees every where.  It got really hot wearing long skirts with no air conditioning.  After staying one day in Arua we drove the last four hours to Moyo.   Though the roads reminded me of a roller coaster, the landscape was beautiful.  Every thing is green and lush with lots of growing crops, with mountains in the distance. We are staying at an agricultural compound, where we are the first white kids to stay. There are a lot of people from another major world religion here, and while we ate our dinner of rice and beans, we could hear the call to prayer. It is our call to pray for them. We are looking for a house to live in, either in Moyo or Yumbe.  I find myself wanting to learn the language and get to know the people. It is a challenge sometimes to get to know a very different world where there are so many differences.   

Please pray for us,


~writing from Moyo District, West Nile Region, Uganda

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Exciting Bridge Jeff and Elizabeth had to cross
Filtering water one bottle at a time
Moyo District - our new home
Our property with Mango and Avacado trees and a soccer area for kids to play once we mow.
Hazel in our new kitchen.  Here you have to provide everything:  cabinets, counters, applicances
Exciting Bridge Jeff and Elizabeth had to cross
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