Praise God!: safely arrived in East Africa with all 8 children!

We thank our faithful God that we are here!  Our travel went smoothly, we made all our connections, and all luggage made it!  The children actually slept on the final plane flight, which rarely happens!

There were challenges: our first connection had us changing planes (with 8 children and 20 carry-ons) in only 55 minutes, but we were assured it was just a gate change within the same terminal... Well, it was the opposite side of the airport, then the car seat carrier's wheel kept falling off, we arrived to the gate and it was changed again...  I was reminded of the words of our pastor from New Orleans: "The devil is a liar," as he would have us despair in situations like this.  But God knows all, and the catering truck was delayed, so the plane was over an hour late!

We were greeted in Uganda by Ms. Amanda, the nurse with whom we'll be working in Sudan, and a group of Sudanese and Ugandan ministry partners.  Now we are at a guest house in the capital city of Kampala until our July 2 flight to Sudan.

Please pray with us for adjustment to the climate, culture, and time zone (the youngest two were up until 5 AM this morning!).

Thanks for your support and encouragement as we complete the "going" process!

Jeff & Elizabeth

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June 20 Update: 8 days to departure!

Praise to our Lord Jesus-- we are ready to go!  Please pray with us as we make final preparations for departure-- we leave June 28th 11AM from Colorado Springs, fly through Amsterdam, and on to Uganda.  We arrive the night of June 29-- after 30 straight hours of travel!  On July 2, we make the 3 hour small plane flight into South Sudan.

Thank you to all who have been praying and giving toward our call from God to go to the people of South Sudan.  It  has been amazing to see the body of Christ in action.

Please pray:

1. For alertness, stamina, and safety as we travel on June 28-29, and again on July 2.

2. Adjustment to new culture and climate of East Africa.

3. Unity within our family as we transition out of the US.

4. Ability to complete the necessary logistical details over the next week.


Thank you again for your overwhelming support of us in this process!  We will update you more once we are on the other side of the pond...

In Christ,

Jeff & Elizabeth

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May 14th Update: Departure June 28!

The tickets are bought and we leave in 6 weeks!  Despite seemingly insurmountable challenges to moving a family of 10 around the world, our God has shown Himself to be faithful to accomplish what He called us to do.

"If God is for us, who can be against us?  He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all-- how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?" Romans 8:31-32

Join us in praising Him:

1. Logistics in place: sold trailer & van, rented house, tickets and passports done, immunizations almost completed...

2. Monthly support: 99%

3. Prayer partners: 200% of original goal (but welcoming more!)

4. Safety and great connection with people and churches on our recent trip to the South, and even some time to rest and play as a family!

Please pray with us:

1. Final details to go smoothly and that we have time to get everything that is necessary done

2. Final trip to share with supporters and see Jeff's family in Washington and Alaska (May 29-June 16)-- safety and connection

3. That we would be at peace with one another and love each other well

4. That we remain connected to the Vine and speak His Word clearly as we share with others



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April Update: Less than 90 days to go!

Our departure gets closer!  We will purchase tickets this month for a June 29 or 30 departure, arriving in South Sudan the week before South Sudan becomes a new country (July 9).  We are awed at how God has provided for us to be ready to go at this time!

Please praise Jesus with us:

1. Elizabeth's tests were all normal-- no problems were identified after some concerning findings on her initial medical screening tests!

2.  We had a great week of training with Pioneers in March-- including the children.  It was a very confirmatory time that we have a good fit with our sending agency!  We were challenged to think about how we will go about ministry in a way to facilitate God working in the people there without creating dependency on us.

3.  Details of supplies going to Sudan are coming together-- container will ship in early May.

4.  God has provided renters for our house,  buyers for our van and trailer (deal still pending for the trailer), and has allowed us to pay off personal debt!

Pray with us:

1.  Time to complete packing for the container ship date.

2.  Time to rest as a family together-- so we will not arrive in Sudan exhausted and disconnected!

3.  Safety and guidance as we travel to the South (Texas and Louisiana) April 17-May 14-- for God to connect us with just the right people and churches, as we spend time with dear friends, reconnect with others, and meet new people whom God has raised up to partner with us!

4.  Our focus remain on Jesus as we transition to a new way of life and new place.  May He be glorified in our lives through this process.

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February Update

We thank God for providing the practicals needed for us to depart by June 30, 2011!

  • Received all passports
  • Most immunizations done
  • A family to live in our house while we are gone!
  • A group of men from our church to haul supplies to be shipped to Sudan
  • Over 100% of prayer partners and start up costs raised
  • Monthly support at 94%!
Please pray with us:
  • Unity in our marriage: it's been a rough few weeks, especially as I (Jeff) am in the last few stretches of working more shifts, and I tend to become task-oriented and not very attentive the needs of Elizabeth!
  • Transition for the kids: they are starting to process the reality of leaving their friends and family, determining how old they will all be when we return on furlough in 2013.
  • Upcoming trips/conference: we will be in Florida at the US Mobilization Base for Pioneers, our sending agency, from March 3-13.  Please pray that we will absorb what we need from this time, that God would use that time to help prepare us for the cultural changes and spiritual and physical challenges we will face as a family.
  • Last push of work: Pray for strength and closeness for Elizabeth and Jeff and the children during the second half of March as Jeff works many shifts-- the final push before we turn down the intensity of work and ramp up preparations for leaving and our last few trips in the US.
We thank God for you!  It is a joy to partner in the gospel with you.

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Share the gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthen His Church through medical care and education, discipleship, and loving the people of South Sudan as a family.

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