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Top Ten Signs that You Live in South Sudan

10.  Worship services involve 5 languages, and it is not uncommon to ask, “Now what language is this song in?” and be told “English.”

9. You actually NEED 4-wheel drive (which you have on your medium-sized van) to get around town, even if it hasn’t just rained—as evidenced by getting stuck at the entrance to the main hospital TWICE when in 2-wheel drive.

8. You have eaten rice and beans at least 180 times in 3 months.

7.  You look at your wife during church and think she’s crying, but then realize it’s just sweat trickling down her face.

6.  You no longer hesitate when you have to stick a key in the electrical outlet to unlock it.

5.  You say to your 5-year-old daughter, “Leave the cobra and come in for lunch.”

4.  You have 3 different cell phone numbers, are familiar with reloading minutes, changing SIM cards, and know the country codes to at least 3 countries.

3. You take flossing and brushing your teeth very seriously because there is no dentist around.

2. You are not surprised when you go to purchase a basic commodity in town and it is “finished,” meaning that they are out of it indefinitely—until the next truck arrives from Uganda… and you don’t bother asking when, because you know no one knows for sure, and because “when” means “where” in Juba Arabic.

1. You see your true need for God’s power in your life, prompting more time in His Word and prayer, confirming that life in South Sudan is “hard on the flesh but good for the soul.” (Quote from E., team coordinator for Pioneers in Yei)

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Exciting Bridge Jeff and Elizabeth had to cross
Filtering water one bottle at a time
Moyo District - our new home
Our property with Mango and Avacado trees and a soccer area for kids to play once we mow.
Hazel in our new kitchen.  Here you have to provide everything:  cabinets, counters, applicances
Exciting Bridge Jeff and Elizabeth had to cross
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