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It's twin boys!

We have much to share with you-- both praise and prayer!

We Praise God because He is...
  • Truth
  • Our Salvation and Righteousness (because we can't be these for ourselves!)
We thank Him for:
  • Allowing the hospital and clinic to open, at least partially: 2 deliveries so far, 3-6 inpatients at any given time, 25+ patients in clinic most days, praying with many of them and our pastors bringing the word...
  • Most supplies are here, with more en route
  • Growth in our language understanding (learning to listen more than talk... hmmm-- important to learn how to do in any language!)
  • Rains are here-- cooler weather (some of the time)
Please pray with us for:
  • Our ability to care for patients when we are still establishing what supplies we have, where we have it, and if our staff know what to do with it; some cases are very difficult and resources are limited
  • Endurance for Jeff and Elizabeth as we are pulled in many directions with regards to caring for patients, setting up systems/records/organizations/protocols/etc, coordinating further equipment and supply needs, and balancing all that with our life and ministry as a family!
  • Which brings us to the other big piece of news: newborn twin boys in the Perry home!
The story of how this came about...
On Monday April 16, Jeff's lab tech shared about his cousin who died after childbirth, leaving twins. On Tuesday, the father of the babies brought a letter to Harvesters requesting they be taken into the orphanage, but they did not have the staff to take in 2 newborns, so referred them to the medical director (ie, Jeff) to enroll them in the formula program. Jeff read the letter handed to him, which stated the twins were boys. He shared that with Elizabeth.

We, especially several of our children, have been praying for God's direction for our family for the past 2 years. In particular, we all felt a strong sense that if there were ever twin boys that needed a family, we should be willing to be that. Though many children have tugged at our hearts since moving here almost a year ago, we knew that the timing was not right. This was confirmed by the fact that in South Sudan, one must live in the country 3 years before being able to adopt a child. However, upon being approached about this specific situation, Elizabeth & I were compelled to ask the question "what can we do" on behalf of these little guys? To complicate matters, the children were the only children of a second wife, which means no one in the clan would take care of them (particularly father or first wife).

After praying and talking about it for a day, we felt we should offer these boys the haven of our family, if the birth father and clan understood the finality of adoption as we understand it. Through interpretation and some of our rudimentary Arabic, they overwhelmingly embraced the idea. With Mama Lilly, Mr. Mourice (compound director from Kenya), and our lab tech present, we signed all the necessary papers, took pictures of them handing the boys over to us, and even took video of the father signing the form. We are fully aware that there is risk still of misunderstanding and changing minds, yet it seems adoption is something that officials here are okay with. As a positive sign, it appears that we will have no problems getting travel documents allowing them to travel with us to Kenya and Uganda next month.

Hudson-and-TaylorSo without further adieu, meet Hudson Jeffrey (6#2oz) and Taylor Moses (4#6oz), born April 14, 2012 in Yei, South Sudan.
See more pictures (April) in our gallery. The rest of the Perryclan is ecstatic to say the least, and eagerly helping out. Seriously, it is amazing to welcome twins into a family in which the 5 oldest do all household chores, hold the babies (safely), change diapers... And, we will be keeping our house helper Christine instead of letting her go as we had planned on in May.

Pray for their health (Taylor is low birth weight, and a nasty skin infection)-- that they would eat, grow, and become strong, free from infection.

Thank you for laboring alongside through the work of prayer!

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Our Mission:

Share the gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthen His Church through medical care and education, discipleship, and loving the people of South Sudan as a family.


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