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April Update: Less than 90 days to go!

Our departure gets closer!  We will purchase tickets this month for a June 29 or 30 departure, arriving in South Sudan the week before South Sudan becomes a new country (July 9).  We are awed at how God has provided for us to be ready to go at this time!

Please praise Jesus with us:

1. Elizabeth's tests were all normal-- no problems were identified after some concerning findings on her initial medical screening tests!

2.  We had a great week of training with Pioneers in March-- including the children.  It was a very confirmatory time that we have a good fit with our sending agency!  We were challenged to think about how we will go about ministry in a way to facilitate God working in the people there without creating dependency on us.

3.  Details of supplies going to Sudan are coming together-- container will ship in early May.

4.  God has provided renters for our house,  buyers for our van and trailer (deal still pending for the trailer), and has allowed us to pay off personal debt!

Pray with us:

1.  Time to complete packing for the container ship date.

2.  Time to rest as a family together-- so we will not arrive in Sudan exhausted and disconnected!

3.  Safety and guidance as we travel to the South (Texas and Louisiana) April 17-May 14-- for God to connect us with just the right people and churches, as we spend time with dear friends, reconnect with others, and meet new people whom God has raised up to partner with us!

4.  Our focus remain on Jesus as we transition to a new way of life and new place.  May He be glorified in our lives through this process.

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February Update

We thank God for providing the practicals needed for us to depart by June 30, 2011!

  • Received all passports
  • Most immunizations done
  • A family to live in our house while we are gone!
  • A group of men from our church to haul supplies to be shipped to Sudan
  • Over 100% of prayer partners and start up costs raised
  • Monthly support at 94%!
Please pray with us:
  • Unity in our marriage: it's been a rough few weeks, especially as I (Jeff) am in the last few stretches of working more shifts, and I tend to become task-oriented and not very attentive the needs of Elizabeth!
  • Transition for the kids: they are starting to process the reality of leaving their friends and family, determining how old they will all be when we return on furlough in 2013.
  • Upcoming trips/conference: we will be in Florida at the US Mobilization Base for Pioneers, our sending agency, from March 3-13.  Please pray that we will absorb what we need from this time, that God would use that time to help prepare us for the cultural changes and spiritual and physical challenges we will face as a family.
  • Last push of work: Pray for strength and closeness for Elizabeth and Jeff and the children during the second half of March as Jeff works many shifts-- the final push before we turn down the intensity of work and ramp up preparations for leaving and our last few trips in the US.
We thank God for you!  It is a joy to partner in the gospel with you.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 March 2013 19:16

January 2011 Update

Passport applications are in, most immunizations done, construction on our house in Sudan moves steadily forward (click here to view pictures), and we see God working to have us ready to leave by June 30!  We currently have 75% of our monthly budget pledged-- God has been so good, providing through His saints!  Please pray that the Lord would raise up the remaining financial partners needed.

The vote in Sudan has been a big topic in the news, and it looks like South Sudan will become the newest nation in the world in early July 2011, precisely the time we expect to arrive there!

We plan a trip to Texas and Louisiana in April-May, then to the Northwest in May-June.  Please pray that Jesus would guide our times of sharing with churches and individuals.

Pray that we would find someone to help transport medical and school supplies from Colorado to North Carolina in April, as a container is being shipped by Samaritan's Purse at that time.  If you feel led to help in this way, please contact us!


Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 March 2013 19:16

Update December 2010

Target departure date: June 30, 2011!

After prayer, we have set a date for departure.  We are excited, nervous, and eager to see the Lord bring the many details together!

With Thanksgiving...

We are thankful to Him for providing many prayer partners, all of our needed start up costs, and 70% of our monthly support needs.

Over the next few months, Jeff is working 2 jobs in order to eliminate our remaining debt-- the Lord provided extra work at the exact time we were not traveling.  At the end of February, we will head to Florida for a week long conference with Pioneers.

Present Your Requests...


  1. Please pray for strength, endurance, and unity for us a couple and family during this busy few months.
  2. Pray also for God to continue to draw others alongside us in prayer and financial support.
  3. Please also pray for us to grow in prayer and trust of Him in this time of preparation and transition.


"But our citizenship is in heaven..." (Phil 3:20)


Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 March 2013 19:16

July, 2010 Update


"Your llamas sold the house ..."

Read these articles and more in our July, 2010 Newsletter.

Praise God with us for:
  • Our house sold of 4/1/2010 (no fooling!)
  • Over 100 prayer partners on board with us (our goal)!!
  • Seeing God's faithfulness
  • A home church that lives out their faith and loves us!
Please pray for:
  • Trip to Great Lakes region July 20-August 6 -- visiting friends and family
  • Connection with those whom God has prepared to be our partners in prayer and financial support
  • Unity as a family in this time of transition
  • Settling into our new "home base" in Rocky Ford, CO

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Our Mission:

Share the gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthen His Church through medical care and education, discipleship, and loving the people of South Sudan as a family.

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